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Keeping the Mari Lwyd tradition alive

In Wales the Mari Lwyd is a mid-winter tradition and in English-speaking Gower, the custom is known as the Horse’s Head.

In Mumbles, the Horse’s Head has only been for around 150 years so it’s a much younger custom than in other areas – children back then saw the Mari Lwyd and wanted to carry out a similar event.

In 2014 Gower Landscape Partnership funded workshops with Gower primary schools to provide the resources for each participant school to take on the celebration of the Mari Lwyd / Old Horse tradition.

It’s now a yearly event to be passed on by each outgoing year 6 group to the upcoming year 5 group creating a continuing legacy of new tradition bearers in the Gower community.

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The Mari Lwyd tradition in Gower

Black and white film of men in the village of Llangynwyd carrying out the tradition of the Mari Lwyd, BBC Wales program, Lolfa, 1966.

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