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Why is sustainability important to Gower?

Gower, as already stated on other pages, was Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and so it is vitally important to keep the balance between preserving its unique features and enjoying it. It is a very desirable area to live, work and visit but these activities take a toll that may lead to the loss of the very qualities that make Gower special in the first place.

So, what is already there needs to be protected and enhanced including its landscape, its wildlife, its communities and their way of life. By looking at these issues from a sustainable viewpoint – being aware of what we are doing and how we are doing it, we can continue to live and work in this wonderful area without harming these aspects that are so important to maintaining Gower’s special character and environmental diversity.

For example, buying locally produced food helps to reduce food miles but also helps to keep money in the local community. New businesses that set up with energy efficient buildings reduce their costs but also reduce their carbon footprint and the impact they have on the local environment.